This year marks the Fourth Annual Panfork 3-Gun Shoot Out on October 8, 2022. We will not be using
Panfork facilities this year because we have a unique opportunity to use a premier private shooting
facility near Pampa, TX. The facility is located about 3 miles south of Pampa. Click HERE for map.

The safety briefing starts at 9 AM. Proceeds will be used for improvements to the Camp’s shooting sports program. Registration includes access to the prize table and lunch. A limited amount of ammunition will be available for purchase onsite. A few spare firearms will be available for folks who need something or break something. The Match is limited to the first 60 competitors that register and make payment.

There will be six exciting stages. The targets will be a mix of cardboard, steel plates, and clay pigeons.
Five of the stages will require movement so wear appropriate clothing for being outdoors, rain or shine. Hearing and eye protection is required! The Match will operate as a COLD RANGE, no loaded firearms are allowed except at the start line for each stage. No exceptions!

The minimum round count is 70 rifle, 92 pistol, and 33 birdshot; most people will use more. Rifle distances will range from 6 to 600 yards. You may not change firearms during the match unless it breaks down. The event is open to all variants of rifles but most will find an AR-15 type rifle to be ideal. Iron and Optic sights compete together. The top Senior, Woman, Youth, and overall shooters will be recognized. Other than firearm divisions, USPSA Multi-gun Rules will apply.

Youth may and are encouraged to compete in this event. A parent or guardian must be available to sign the release for any youth under 18 years of age. Children younger than 10 years of age may attend the event but will not compete. Accommodations will be made for less experienced youth competitors in the interest of safety.

Contact Lynn Smith at 940-273-4230 if you have any questions.
Click HERE to register and pay.





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