Youth Winter Retreat 2019


Cost:  $55 per person

(Includes Lodging, Meals, T-Shirt and Study Guide)



5-7pm        Register

7pm            Dinner

8pm            Worship

8:30pm      *Small Groups

9:30pm       S'mores

10:15pm     Campfire/Worship


8:30am       Breakfast

9:30am       Worship

10:00am     Small Groups

12noon        Lunch

1:00pm       Small Groups

2 - 4pm       Rec Time

                     Archery Tag, Zip Line

                     & More  

Today’s students are busier than any generation before them. Generation Multitask would be a fitting label. School, band, sports practice, volunteering, jobs, and simply spending time with family and friends all create a tremendous drain on students’ time. When they aren’t doing any of these things, they’re being bombarded by the overwhelming amount of media they have at their fingertips. Even when they’re not busy, they’re not resting. And sadly, most aren’t stopping to spend time in meaningful communion with God. Jesus teaches us that hitting pause in the midst of our busy lives is crucial to staying connected with God. At this retreat, your students will learn that hitting pause and spending meaningful time alone with God is the key to living the life that God desires them to live.

Jody Wilson bio pic.jpg

      Worship Leader - Jody Wilson

Jody Wilson loves a lot of things. 
His stunning wife Sarah. His 4 amazing daughters. Haggard, his Australian Shepherd. Tacos. The way a largemouth bass hits an arkie jig when you least expect it. The sound of Eric Nadel calling a 9th inning jimmy-jack. The invitation an old piano extends to come play a new song. And that moment in corporate worship when hearts and voices blend together and it actually feels like God is walking through the room.

     Jody is a worship pastor in Pampa                     TEXAS, and he loves tacos.