2019 Panfork Shoot-out Results

Thanks to everyone involved in the 2019 Panfork 3-Gun Shootout! 

  • All the sponsors who supported the Shoot-Out.  All proceeds will go toward the shooting sports at Panfork.

  • To the volunteers who helped:

    •  Lynn and Stacie Smith for leading this event.
    • Shanee Popwell and Kaylee McGee, support staff.

    • Ryan Medlock, Lee Bevley, and Jim Smith, Range Officers

    • Kyle and Mary Collins for Providing and cooking the lunch.

  • Panfork Staff:  James and Janet Henderson

Draft Results

Shootout Sponsors.png
2019 Panfork Shoot-Out Results DRAFT JPE
Rifle Range 2 2018.jpg

Lynn and Stacie Smith lead a session at the rifle range for summer campers.  Sessions are led by Certified Range Directors and include elements of education, safety, skill development and fun!

Volunteer Range Officers, Jim Smith and Rev. Lee Bevly along with competitor Michael T.

Shootout Volunteers.jpg