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Camp Pastor

Josh Clinton

Josh has worked in children's ministry for 22 years, and if there is one thing he has learned, it's that every kid matters to God.  After getting an art degree, Josh served as the creative director for High Voltage Kids, a curriculum company where he designed graphics, animated, wrote, and led video production for materials used in over 5,000 churches worldwide.  But God soon called Josh to use his talents for something deeper - full-time ministry.  After 5 years as a children's pastor in Arkansas, God led Josh, his wife Shannon, and their two children to the plains of the Texas panhandle, where he now serves as the Family Pastor of FBC Pampa.  Josh wants kids to be excited about Jesus.  He drives them to be disciples.  Not just going through the motions, but having a deep, personal relationship with a living savior!  He had the privilege of being the camp pastor last summer, and he is so pumped to come back to Panfork for 2023!  If you give him a chocolate Payday and an RC cola he'll be your best friend for life.    

Tharon Drake.jpg

Worship Leader

Tharon Drake

and the First Borger Youth Band

Tharon Drake, the Worship Pastor at FBC Borger, doesn't sit still...ever.

From leading a Kids Worship program and teaching children to play worship music on kazoos, to a Youth Worship Band with drums and electric guitar, Tharon enjoys helping others develop their skills, or at least a passion for making a joyful noise for God.  When not riding his motorcycle or spending time with his wife and 5 kids, Tharon will most likely be found writing his own worship music, creating crazy videos for church, or helping children's ministry rig up a zip line in the worship center.  

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