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Volunteering at Panfork

Panfork Work Projects and Volunteers…a Win-Win!

Groups range in size from an individual to groups up to 20 to 30 people volunteering from a single day to a week or several weeks for some of the organized retiree groups with RVs. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a work project or volunteering please fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire.

Benefits and Provisions

Your group benefits from working together in a worthwhile venture.  There is nothing
like working together on a project to build unity and teamwork into your group. 

  • Panfork depends on volunteer work groups to accomplish the construction of new facilities as well as much of the ongoing work and maintenance needs. 


  • It is good stewardship in that construction and maintenance costs are usually cut in half utilizing volunteers.  This stretches donation dollars as far as possible.

  • Panfork provides RV hookups for those bringing their RVs and we can usually provide lodging in the cabins for other groups.  Meals are provided for volunteer groups on an as needed basis.  For groups in cabins we provide free overnight lodging and reduced meals for 8 hours of work.  The evenings are free for your program and group times.

Potential Projects/Needs


  • Painting(doors and trim on a number of buildings and other areas)

  • Landscaping/Outdoor Work

  • Flower beds (Gem Chapel and the Prayer Garden)

  • Clear dead limbs/trees

  • Trimming trees and clearing hiking trails.

  • Treating Decks, Gazebos, Docks, etc. with water sealer.

  • Office Work

  • Data entry adding new subscribers to mailing lists.

  • Helping with mail outs and other office projects.

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