Kids Camp 2
For Kids 3rd - 6th Grade
July 5th - 8th, 2022

$200 if registered  by May 1st
(Includes T-Shirt)

$200 if registered after May 1st
(Does not include T-shirt)


Camp Pastor

Joe Bruce

From his rich background as a children’s pastor, youth pastor, senior pastor, professional artist, father of ten and husband of one, Joe is able to draw from a variety of ventriloquist characters and assortment of artistic mediums to communicate his message with a unique diversity. It has been said that one of Joe’s most amazing gifts is his ability to appeal to all people regardless of age, educational background, or economic status. His presentation is very organic and natural. His quick wit and clever characters will be sure to communicate redemption and restoration – a message Joe feels is essential in our culture. In 2021, Joe spent a most of the year training for an epic run.* Joe created the “Heart of Elijah” adventure with his son's, Elijah's, open heart surgery as inspiration for the event. This experience provides Joe with the inspiration for messages on endurance, training, goal-setting, and the value of generational transference. In his presentations Joe may draw a caricature of a child from the audience in under 60 seconds, paint a 3ft. x 4ft. likeness of Christ, utilize three ventriloquist characters, bring an adult on stage and literally “speak on his/her behalf” to the audience using ventriloquism masks and simple costuming, or cause a portrait he’s drawn to come to life and speak to the audience. Joe’s diverse repertoire of creative and artistic talents, his natural comedic presentation, and more than 25 years of hands-on experience as children’s and family speaker, gives him the ability to tailor the presentation to your specific needs.


*The Heart of Elijah Run took place in October 2021. Joe and his children toured the state of Texas. Joe and one of his sons, Keegan, ran in every county in the state of Texas over the course of 2 weeks (13 days). Joe ran 21 counties a day; 26.2 miles each day; 254 counties; 6904 miles of driving; 317 miles of running. This is a first in the state of Texas

bobby richardson.jpg

Worship Leader

Bobby Richardson

Worship ministry for us began 1996. Early that year I received  salvation while dealing With the recent illness of a close relative. When God changed my  heart I was changed Completely and earnestly! I had been a professional musician  traveling around playing music, but when God saved me I no longer wanted to play music  anywhere but for the Lord!


Later in 1996 several months after I was saved I was asked if  I would be part of the worship team…. I gladly and enthusiastically accepted! Thus began  my journey playing drums in a worship band. It was a wonderful time of growth and  ministry. A few years later, I was asked if I would pray about leading worship. Through  prayer and council I became a worship leader in 1999. Joined by my Wife Missie and our  daughter Camrynn, I have had the awesome privilege of leading 100’s of worship services  since then and look forward to more opportunities to lead many into the presence of our  Dear Lord!